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N1 Discovery (N1D) was founded in 2013 with a vision to revolutionize digital forensics, eDiscovery and cyber security services. Our founders left larger, broad-range consulting firms to start a company that follows its own rules and focuses on our expertise: cyber threat management; legal, defensible data collection and analysis; the complex cross-section of IT and legal matters; and cyber investigations.

From the early days with just a handful of employees to several expansions and an eventual relocation in 2018 to our new offices, N1D has grown both exponentially and conscientiously. Our employees are our greatest asset, so while their experience and skillset are always considered, their individual abilities to match our clients’ needs and to contribute to our team environment are always the highest priority.

Technologically, N1D has and continues to grow, expanding its technical capabilities. While still equipped to perform the occasional floppy disk or Lotus Notes collection, N1D now distributes Managed Discovery Appliances that hold massive amounts of data, forensically images countless types of devices, from mobile phones, social media accounts, and miniSD cards to tablets, computers, and servers. N1D also hosts a state-of-the-art eDiscovery processing and review platform.

N1D brings together top talent in the industry to provide our clients with exceptional service. But at the end of each day, whether in the office at 5pm or pulling an all-nighter onsite, N1D is first and foremost a family.

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