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N1 Discovery utilizes state-of-the art eDiscovery technology to deliver a complete eDiscovery solution for our clients.

Managed eDiscovery Services

eDiscovery is arguably one of the most critical components of your case. Done incorrectly, it can be costly and devasting to your case. Done correctly, its advantages allow you to gain leverage over your data and your opponents. Our team of eDiscovery veterans bring a significant amount of experience to the table and have worked with people at all levels and in numerous industries. Working with our forensic collection group, our data processing team, our project managers, and our trial support team, we will develop a comprehensive end-to-end plan to address any eDiscovery situation.

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  • Managed eDiscovery Service
    N1D’s Managed eDiscovery Service focuses on providing your entire organization with an eDiscovery solution. Building and maintaining an eDiscovery practice within your organization is a complicated, time-consuming and expensive endeavor. Staffing your practice to run it can be even more difficult, and building the perfect environment means nothing if you do not have a staff trained in the complexities of the eDiscovery world.

    N1D is here for you. Our eDiscovery experts and robust data center allow us to be your partner at any level - from complementing your existing staff to being your entire eDiscovery group and hosting your document reviews in N1D’s Relativity platform. Even if you currently have your own environment and team, if you are questioning your future plans, we can develop a plan to suit any scenario that will fit your business model.

    Let N1D be your virtual eDiscovery group.

  • Managed Document Review
    We have developed reliable and repeatable workflows that have allowed us to streamline the document review process. Our industry-leading tools will enable you to gain insight into your data faster and more effectively.

    • Active Learning/Computer Assisted Review
    • Categorization
    • Clustering
    • Email threading
    • Near-duplicate identification
    • Conceptual searching

    However, as remarkable as technology is, there still exists the need for manual document review. In those cases, we combine the heavy lifting done by the technology with experienced review teams to complement the technology and achieve your goals.
  • Cyber Breach Document Review
    While our company is uniquely qualified to handle remediation of cyber breaches from a technological level, we have also developed workflows to address the complex and sensitive nature of cyber breach document reviews. Understanding that these types of reviews are not a traditional litigation-oriented review for responsiveness or privilege, these workflows allow us to quickly identify compromising data that can be appropriated by cyber criminals, including for example:

    • Personally Identifiable Information (PII)
    • Payment Card Information (PCI)
    • Financial/Banking Information
    • Human Resources Information (HRI)
    • Protected Health Information (PHI)
    • General Data Protection Regulation Information (GDPR)
  • eDiscovery Data Processing
    N1D continually invests in the latest technology allowing terabytes of eDiscovery data to be processed in an efficient, timely and cost-effective manner. N1D has multiple processing platforms including early data assessment (EDA) technology, so clients benefit having the data available faster. N1D has also developed proprietary technology to process mobile device data and connect it to the N1D Relativity platform, giving clients the ability to leverage the power of Relativity to review mobile device data.
  • eDiscovery Hosting
    Leveraging N1D’s world-class data center, you can rest easy knowing your eDiscovery data is encrypted at rest and housed in our highly-secure, redundant and certified datacenter. N1D clients benefit from the complete eDiscovery platform, Relativity. With the latest in advanced searching and analytics, machine learning, and visualizations all built in, Relativity’s your comprehensive platform for organizing your data, discovering the truth, and acting on it.
  • Trial Support
    An effective trial presentation can be the difference between a positive outcome and a negative one. Our trial support group will work with your team to design a trial presentation strategy that will enhance and effectively relay your message.

    We will be with you every step of the way, and our work does not start the morning of trial and end at the end of the trial day. Trial preparation begins weeks in advance of the actual trial. We also understand that the day may not be over just because court has adjourned. After court, our group will continue to work with the trial team to address the plan for the next trial day.

    Our primary goal is to make you and your team look good in front of the judge, the jury, and your client.

    Pre-Trial Activities
    • Work with the trial team to tailor a trial presentation strategy that fits the case and trial team’s requirements
    • Coordinate trial presentation activities with court staff or other personnel
    • Onsite visit to the courtroom (or other site) to determine setup and possible obstacles
    • Exhibit preparation
    • Preparation of trial presentation software
    • “War room” set up

    In Trial Activities
    • Provide standard equipment and software required for presentation
    • Equipment set up and tear down in the courtroom
    • Ensure that all technology runs smoothly
    • Provide immediate technical support

N1D eDiscovery Highlights

N1D assists clients with all aspects of eDiscovery identified in the Electronic Data Reference Model (EDRM).

Ability to process massive amounts of data at lightning speed.

Data processing and hosting at N1D facilities located in the United States.

N1D clients have the ability to utilize the best litigation hold management system at no-charge.

All Relativity data encrypted at-rest to FIPS 140-2 validated AES-256 encryption, meeting the U.S. Government’s highest security standard and GDPR for data-at-rest.

N1D has a highly-secure, redundant and certified datacenter with the following key features:
  • SOC-2 Compliant
  • Geographically diverse from N1D headquarters
  • Advanced active replication to redundant datacenter
  • Redundant internet providers
  • Redundant cooling systems
  • Redundant uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system
  • Facility-wide generator system
  • Physical and card access security system
  • Video surveillance system
eDiscovery is often misunderstood and many have no idea where to start. Start with N1 Discovery. Let us demystify eDiscovery.
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