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N1 Discovery has a team of experienced consultants ready to respond to any cyber breach and provide proactive IT security consulting.

Helping clients protect their business

N1 Discovery (N1D) has experience assisting clients with all manners of cyber security threats, from onsite data breach responses to proactive testing and monitoring. Verifying perimeter security, securing lines of communication, and implementing protocols to teach employees about data security are among the proactive approaches that N1D takes with its Cyber Security Managed Services program. In the event of a breach, N1D is ready to help restore access, identify vulnerabilities and bring your company back online as quickly as possible.

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  • Data Breach Response
    From data exfiltration to ransomware attacks, cyber threats continue to plague today’s business world. N1D is uniquely prepared to assist with any manner of cyber incidents, including:

    • Ransomware payment negotiation and facilitation of monetary transfer
    • Ransomware remediation
    • Secure decryption key/software testing
    • Mailbox compromise investigations, including identification of accessed data and review to determine scope of breach and potential notification requirements.
  • Cyber Security Managed Service
    N1D's Cyber Security Managed Service enhances your overall incident response plan. It is a unique service designed to provide value and reduce the impact of a cyber incident which includes:
    • Storage of key documentation in N1D's secure document repository platform allowing 24x7x365 access by N1D personnel.
    • N1D cyber alerts with critical information that allows you to be proactive in enhancing your security posture.
    • Scheduled meetings to review changes to the IT environment, information, and any other cyber response needs.
    • Contact information for key N1D cyber personnel to allow for direct access in the event of an incident.
    • N1D presence onsite in the event of a cyber incident.
    • Annual External Vulnerability Assessment.
    • Annual agreement with discounted rates in the event N1D must be onsite for a cyber incident.
    • Cyber Wargames: as requested, N1D will come onsite at Client's headquarters to conduct cyber wargames. This service simulates a cyber incident in order to review and evaluate the critical incident plan, response actions, and any necessary remediation.
  • Cyber Security Assessment
    N1D’s cyber professionals assist clients with preventative measures, as well. These efforts help safeguard our clients’ confidential, sensitive, and proprietary data from internal and external attackers.
    A unique solution is crafted to suit each client’s needs, but below are some of the steps that N1D takes in assessing your IT infrastructure: 
    • Review and evaluate network infrastructure, including hardware, software, on-premise, co-located, and cloud-based services.
    • Review IT department personnel roles and responsibilities.
    • Perform internal and external vulnerability assessments.
    • Analyze server configuration settings for compliance and to identify potential vulnerabilities. 
    • Scan workstations for evidence of unsecured sensitive information.
    • Analyze firewall configurations against best-practice standards.
    • Collect and categorize all available documentation, such as incident response policy, incident response plan, network diagrams, disaster recovery plan, business continuity plan, insurance policies, etc.
    • Provide a summary report including list of required supplemental information.

N1D Cyber Security Highlights

N1D has experienced data breach response teams capable of responding onsite, typically within 2 to 6 hours (depending on location).

N1D believes in continuing education for its technical consultants who hold a diverse set of certifications.

N1D has a highly-secure, redundant and certified datacenter.
N1D has responded to a variety of data breaches and assisted clients with all aspects of each unique incident. The following are a few of the incidents N1D has responded to:
  • Global Restaurant Chain: Breach of multiple Office365 mailboxes with hackers manipulating wire transfer instructions on a $10 million transaction.
  • Large Public Utility: Business operation system compromised and ransomware attack launched against hundreds of systems.
  • Tier 1 Automotive Supplier: Ransomware attack cripples entire manufacturing facility.
  • Healthcare Provider: Complete compromise of corporate network and exposure of data.
  • Transportation Company: Breach of executive’s computer and compromise of critical banking information exposing $12 million.
  • Mortgage Company: Compromise of multiple Office 365 mailboxes and exposure of thousands of people’s personal information.
  • Public School System: breach of school’s network, exposing all student information.

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