IT Security Consulting

Business interruptions due to breach of data, hacking and electronic theft has increased every year. N1 Discovery’s IT Security Consulting Services can help with any IT security threat and cost-effectively manage the security of your network and data.

Incident Response Service



N1D understands that detecting,analyzing and preventing possible incidents could be the most demanding part of your IT departments efforts. An incident like a security breach can have a large impact on an organizations bottom line. Viruses, malware and spam are just some of the constant challenges that lead to issues. N1D has the technology and Security expertise to help your organization identify problems in your IT infrastructure that lead to security incidents and are preventing users from experiencing the performance and availability they expect.


N1D deploys experienced IT Security experts to identify the incident and possible impact to the IT environment. The corporate networks, computers, and systems impacted are identified as well as by whom and where the incident originated. Evidence is gathered using forensically sound tools and a chain of custody. This analysis allows N1D and the client to prioritize and organize next steps that might include more analysis and complete containment. 


It is important to contain the incident before it has time to spread. N1D deploys a set of procedures to launch a containment effort. During the containment effort, decisions will be made on the process and procedures of Extermination phase.


After containment, eradication may be necessary to eradicate the source of the incident. Changing passwords, deleted infected files and possibly rebuilding complete systems are just a few of the possible extermination steps.


Providing a defendable and detailed report is sometimes a necessary and judicious step in completing an Incident response effort. The report typically includes a complete documentation of the incident, analysis, containment and the extermination along with any suggestions for improvement of the environment.