Evidence Submission Form


 It is important that you read the following instructions and call N1 Discovery if you have any questions.

  •  You must contact N1 Discovery for a case number which must appear on all documents and shipping labels. Do not ship any evidence to the N1 Discovery forensic lab without a case number.
  • Be sure to pack all electronic devices with appropriate packaging and padding. Do not use packing peanuts or styrofoam as packing material for electronic equipment. Verify with our selected shipping company if they have any special instructions. Be sure to insure the packages.
  • If the evidence is a computer, you may ship the computer but N1D typically recommends that you have the hard drive(s) removed by an experienced technician and ship the hard drive(s) to the N1 Discovery forensic lab.
  • nless otherwise instructed by N1 Discovery, do not ship cables, keyboards, mice, monitors or other external equipment.
  • Complete the Evidence Submission form and place inside box with the evidence.
  • We recommend that you use a reputable shipping company and ship the evidence overnight, signature required.
  • Be sure to address the shipping labels as follows:

N1 Discovery
Attn: <insert project #>
2950 W. Square Lake Road
Suite 209
Troy, MI 48098